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PVC standard transparent curtains

Kurtyna paskowa PVC standardowa transparentnaPVC standard transparent curtains are the most popular of all stripe courtians offered by our comany.

They are used for doors of foot traffic and industiroal use. The transparent foil offers excellent light transmission.

PVC standard transparent curtains are siutable at a temperature range of  -10oC up to  38oC. They are available also in a  dwustronnie żebrowanej/double ribbed version.

PVC standard transparent curtains are available in the following dimensions:

  • width 100 mm x thickness 1mm
  • width 100 mm x thickness 2mm
  • width 150 mm x thickness 3mm
  • width 200 mm x thickness 1,5mm
  • width 200 mm x thickness 2mm
  • width 200 mm x thickness 3mm
  • width 300 mm x thickness 2mm
  • width 300 mm x thickness 3mm
  • width 300 mm x thickness 5mm
  • width 400 mm x thickness 3mm
  • width 400 mm x thickness 4mm
PVC stripe courtain are an econimic solution.

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