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Canvas-rubber belts

Canvas-rubber conveyor belts are of two types

  • horizontal transport conveyor belts
  • belts with fittings

Horizontal transport conveyor belts

All below described belt series are designed to to carry special loads according to current market requirements. Belts are available in the following working loads:  EP 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500 . Those belt series consist of spliced 2,3,4 play polyester and polyamide fabrics, that stand for high load resistance, low elongation, great lateral flexibility and very low deformation risk due to mechanical impcat of products carried. The belts are covered with a rubbber compound of special properties such as external factor, abrasion, tear and cut resistance –   also when the belt has to do with  high temperature, grasy, aicid working environment.
For special application we are able to provide fabric-rubber belts with sealed edges.

Fabric-rubber belt general types

Canvas-rubbr belt splicing

  • hot bonding
  • mechanical fastening


Example marking of canvas-rubber belt: EP – 315 / 3 4+2 ,,Y,,

  • EP – polyamide-polyester belt
  • 315 – peripheral force N / mm
  • / 3 – number of plies
  • 4+2 – cover thickness ( carring and running side)  in mm
  • Y – abrasibility according to DIN 22102


Rubber belt abrasion resistance according toDIN 22102

  • W – max. 90 mm3
  • X – max. 120 mm3
  • Y – max. 150 mm3
  • Z – max. 250 mm3



Canvas-rubber belts are siutable foru „L” and „Z” type conveyors and need special construction of lateral stiffness, such as XE belt type. This type should not be confused with  EP belt type, which is laterally flexible siutable for straight inclined conveyors.

Belts with fittings:

Canvas-rubber belts can be equipped with below fittings:

  • side walls,
  • cleats,
  • tracking guides.