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Metal mesh belt

Apart from traditional conveyor belts we have steel mesh belts in our offer also siutable sprockets and flat wheels. Belt egdes  may be finished with different versions, some types of meshes may have fitted special cleast. Meshes are made of plain steel, zink coated, stainless  or high temperature resistant steel.

Main properties

  • unlimited application types
  • large open space up to 85%
  • easy cleaning
  • siutable application where traditional belts and meshes of other material have no chance to work out
Taśma siatkowa metalowa 1000100 Taśma siatkowa metalowa 2000200
Flat wire link belt Round wire link belt
Taśma siatkowa metalowa 3000300 Taśma siatkowa metalowa 4000400
Wide spiral belt- flattened links Wide spiral belt- rounded links
Taśma siatkowa metalowa 5000500  Taśma siatkowa metalowa 7000700
Flat spiral-braided wire belt Woven blet
Taśma siatkowa metalowa 8000800 Tasma siatkowa metalowa 9000900
Loop-joined wire belt Braided rod belt


  • 0100 ceramic, glass blowing, bakery stove, continuous furnaces, cooling devices
  • 0200 forgs, hardening plants, baking stoves and food industry
  • 0300 ceramic industry, packaging machines, veneer drayer
  • 0400 glass blowing industry, bakery and cleaning devices, metal and electronic industry
  • 0500 continuous furnaces and brazing devices
  • 0700 food industry (drying, flushing ,coating, cooling, washing) and electronic industry, cleaning devices
  • 0800 cleaning, packaging machines, beverage industry
  • 0900 cooling systems for brad and breadstuff