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Splicing methods


Z splice jointing – flexible (EF)
even thickness , standard use for 1 and 2 play belts, specifically for knife-edges.
Z splice jointing– stepped (EFX)
flexible and of even thickness, hard operation conditions (dirt on drumms), specifically for 2 and 3 ply belts.


GLUING ( THERMOFIX ) – straight or inclined for PVC or PU belts

Wedge splice (ET)
for multiply belt types and  NOVO (Fleece) types
Stepped overlap splice
specifically for 2 or 3 ply belts with duroplast UH, VH, U3 covers

MECHANICAL ( złączki mechaniczne: Aligator, Anker, Nieka )/ mechanical fasteners: Aligator, Anker, Nieka


Złączka z drutu stalowegoZłączka płytkowaZłączka spiralna z tworzywa

 TAŚM ELEWATOROWYCH/Elevator belt jointing (overlap)

Overlap jointings are applicated for thin elevator belts that have few number of plies. The overlap lenght depends on belt load and may contain from 2 to 6 elevator buckets.


For double overlap jointing apply same type of belt for the overlay.


Pojedyncze zachodzenie Podwójne zachodzenie
Single overlap Double overlap


  • After first 24 hour you should check the splicing area.
  • The splicing area should be examinated every 4 weeks for safety reasons, due to being impacted by various forces.
  • Enitra and elevator belt manufacturers recommend to use mechanical fasteners.