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Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts offered by Enitra are in more than 90% light coneyor belts.  The rest of offered belts are made of material and rubber, for general usage and vertical transport (elevators). All those belt properties allow to fulfill various complicated transportation funcions and also connected with technological processes.

Conveyor belts can be cut in any desired lenghts and widths and also connected by cold/hot splicing or with mechanical fastners.


Endless belts belong also to the group of transportation belts and  they are made without connection point from so called ” sleeve”. Their advantage is availibility to work on smaller pulley diamiters than  other spliced belts.

Modular belts  (they consist of  – blocks) and   monolithic PU beltsare a special group of belts – both groups are of different build than above mentioned belts.

Other groups of conveyor belts are described on other  remining pages.