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Waterjet – cutting by using a very high-pressure jet of water

Waterjet cutting uses water structure and adrasive admixture, that enables to cut and treat a wide range of materials, beginning with very thin foil ending with materials of 200mm thickness, under the influance of extremely high pressure. The basic advantage of this material treatment method is low temperature of cutting and high accuracy of cut edges.


Waterjet differently from laser or plazma cutting does not leave any scratches on the edges and additional processing of edges is not required. Also the material affected by  high temperature, mechanical pressure and chemical factors remains the same.  Another advantage of using water jet is short production preparation time that gives the availibility to use it for both: serial and mass production, thank to CNC software connection. Described technology perfectly siuts for cutting  all kinds of metal, glass, wood, textile, rubber, ceramics, stone, composites, plastic and more other materials, that are hard to be cut with a different method.


Water jet cutting is  unreplaceable when thin, soft materials like aluminim sheets, thin glass, carboard, paper, plexi etc. need to be cut.  There are no chemical substances needed for this method of cutting, this is why it is envirnomental friendly, which is for many companies of key value recntly.


Our tool has the working surface of 2000 x 4000 mm.


Max performance accuracy

  • +/- 0,1 mm along  X,Y axis for 1000 mm


Water jet diameter /water and adrasive

  • 0,1-0,5 mm for water jet cutting only
  • 0,5-1,2 mm for water jet and abrasive cutting (steel, glass)


Materials cut with water jet

  • construction, carbon, acid-resistant,stainless, armoured,tool, alloy, zink, chrome steel
  • regular,layered, reinforcerd, armoured glass
  • ceramics, porcelain, gres and ceramic tiles



Our service costs of water jet cutting vary from the desired quality of edge finishing, material type and  thickness.


For service quotation please send us your project :

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