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Modular belts

Modular belts consist of modules connected with plastic pins and are made by thermoplastic material injection moulding. Plastic construction ensures of long life span and great performance. Modular belts are assembled in a bricklay pattern and due to this fact belts come in various widths, are durable and laterally/crosswise stiff.

Modular belts are durable and  long-lasting. They enable to fulfil well-balanced transportation and process functions. They can be fitted on the device and  each module exchanged quickly (when damaged) for machine downtime reduction. There is a possibility to change the belt length or width and belt properties by special modules application.

For that reason plastic modular belts are easy to applicate for production and transportation purposes.


We are providing solutions even for specialized applications.


Taśmy modularne

Transportation application of belts:

  • fish, meat, poultry
  • potatoes, vegetable
  • breadstuff
  • furniture, carboard boxes
  • vehicle
  • human.

Modular belts – straight (1,2,3,4,6,6.1) and curved modules (5,7)