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Modular belts

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Modular belts consist of modules connected with plastic pins and are made by thermoplastic material injection moulding. Plastic construction ensures of long life span and great performance. Modular belts are assembled in a bricklay pattern and due to this fact belts come in various widths, are durable and laterally/crosswise stiff.

Modular belts are durable and  long-lasting. They enable to fulfil well-balanced transportation and process functions. They can be fitted on the device and  each module exchanged quickly (when damaged) for machine downtime reduction. There is a possibility to change the belt length or width and belt properties by special modules application.

For that reason plastic modular belts are easy to applicate for production and transportation purposes.

We are providing solutions even for specialized applications.

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Transportation application of belts:

  • fish, meat, poultry
  • potatoes, vegetable
  • breadstuff
  • furniture, carboard boxes
  • vehicle
  • human.

Modular belts – straight (1,2,3,4,6,6.1) and curved modules  (5,7)

    • straight modules of 50 mm pitch
    • adjustable width :  10 mm pitch
    • retaining rods: plastic, stainless steel as special version
    • belts for heavy duty applications/loads

    Special features

    • siutable for heavy loads
    • small adjustable width
    • narrow pivot holes ensuring of even force apportionment w


    • heavy load item goods transportation
    • logistics (parcels)
    • press plant waste transportation
    • municipal waste transportation
    • in-line conveyor belts  (human and assembled devices)
    • ski lift conveyor belts

    • straight modules of 25 mm pitch
    • adjustable width: 16,66 mm pitch
    • plastic connectiong pins
    • drum motor: drum motor drive is only available with special profiled rubber covering
    • lightweight goods transportation

    Special features

    • wide opening hinges for easy cleaning
    • high throughput for easy drainage/drying
    • small belt contact area with products


    • lightweight goods transportation
    • small processed items
    • drive belts for automation
    • fruit and vegetable processing
    • poultry processing

    • straight modules of 50 mm pitch
    • adjustable width: 20 mm pitch
    • connecting rod: plastic  and blue colour per request or stainless steel
    • drum motor: drum motor drive is only available with special profiled rubber covering
    • vertical transportation of lightweight goods

    Special features

    • flat surface
    • easy cleaning
    • siutable for accumulation
    • possibility to fit profiles on belt edges


    • light plastic goods transportation (sold as pieces)
    • food industry
    • bottle fill up
    • tire transportation

    • straight modules of 14 mm pitch
    • plastic connectiong pins
    • small item transportation (small reversible diameters)

    Special features

    • siutable for nose bar, (small diameters )
    • solid execution despite small pitch


    • light plastic goods transportation (sold as pieces)
    • transport z małymi promieniami przekazującymi
    • breadstuff and sweets
    • fruit and vwgwtable processing
    • paper / curved carboard

    • straight modules of 50 mm pitch
    • connection rod: plastic or stainless steel
    • drum motor: drum motor drive is only available with special profiled rubber covering
    • specially designed for food industry. Siutable for efficient cleaning processes of hygienic areas of meat, fish and poultry processing.

    Special features

    • esay to clean due to smooth surface and module construction type
    • HACCP standard protection against micro-organisms, biocides free
    • high cut resistance due to durable modules and thick holes
    • Nub-Top and Cone-Top versions ensuring of good non- stick properties
    • each module width 400 mm


    • food industry
    • meat/polutry industry
    • belts for meat butchering
    • bone transportation

    • upgraded version of  series 6
    • specially designed for food industrie application
    • designed for easy cleaning
    • particulary siutable for meat, fish, poultry processing and vegetable, fruit transportation processes, milkftuff production
    • Series 6.1 is in compliance with all international food standards such as FDA and UE1935/2004
    • new Series 6.1  modules are not compatible wit modules of  Series 6.

    • straight modules of 25 mm pitch
    • curve modules with 50 mm pitch
    • connection rod: stainless stel (for linear transportation plastic versions available)
    • construcion indicators: minimum curve radius = 2x belt width
    • minimum linear curve in/out-run distance = 2 x belt width
    • curve modules are siutable for straight and cureved section transportation

    Special features 

    • very gut throughput
    • available version with guiding support on the outer radius


    • food industry (deep freezing, fish, meat)
    • product sold in pieces
    • logistics
    • baking
    • spiral conveyors

    • straight modules of  40 mm pitch
    • connection rods: tplastic or stainless steel
    • the most durable belt type of Siegling Prolink programme. Siutable for point loads hard working conditions.

    Special features

    • durable, abrasion resistant due to 18 mm thick cover, ribbed allover the height, large adgering surface
    • elongation resistant modules, great ovelapping properties
    • fast assembly, assured fastening by clip system s
    • small pitch minimizes polygon effect and allows to use on small reversible diameters


    • automotive industry (product and operator conveyor belt,, SKID- transport,  hand over, sliding transport, vehicle transport)
    • manufacturing industry (palette transport/conveyors)
    • sport (human conveyor belt)