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Telescopic slides – Chambrelan

In our offer we have telescopic slides and  linear rails  of CHAMBRELAN brand .

More than 30 types of slides are available, which have a load capacity from a few kilos to more than 1000 KGs. Available in zinc plated, stainless steel or aluminium version, according to Customer’s requirement. The slides vary from different extension lenght. All CHAMBRELAN  slides come with a treatment against corrosion.The standard treatment, i.e. zinc plating for steel slides and colourless anodization for aluminium versions, suits most uses.  Additional  equipment of  CHAMBRELAN slides enables easy assembly and safe, reliable  work. For more please go to Telescopic slides and  linear rails are used in various applications:


  • rail vehicles of public transport (battery box, sliding door system)
  • special vehicle construction (fire brigade, vehickles for road building)
  • machine build (shields, sliding doors, device maintanace/internal transport)
  • air freight, see freight, army (equipment, constructions for production supporting)
  • workings utilities (device equipping, production equipping)
  • electronic, computing, ATM’s


ENITRA and  CHAMBRELAN will be pleased to help you to envolve and implement standard and special solutions. On the website you can find data sheets and  3D drawings in various formats, so you can easily include it to your constructional drawing.