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  • 2015 r. –  Enitra Sp. z o.o. as a laureate of Third Edytion of  the nationwide Solid and Relaible Company Promotional  Programme.  Enitra Sp. z o.o. was evaluated by the Instute of Modern Business, which based on the financial data of  2013 and 2014 (total revenue, net profit and owner’s equity) indicated the company’s developmnet progress. Enitra Sp. z o.o. received the title of Solid and Relaible Comany of 2015, awarded only to those companies, that are developing dynamic and being managed effectively.
  • 2011 r. – Nomination in the  plebiscite ,,Kryształy i Kamienie” (”Crystal and Stones”) in the category of ,,Kryształ wśród pracodawców” (”Crystal among employers”)
  • 2008 r. – Quality of 2008  in the category: Product, for drive and conveyor belts