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Flexible multi-ribbed belts Flexonic – ConveyXonic

Flexonic – Flexible multi-ribbed belts

Flexonic belts -they are constructed of flexible and stretchable polyamide (cięgno). This makes it possible to adjust the belt tension to each drive. These belts can work freely at temperatures: od – 40º C do + 130º C. Power can be transmitted in a wide range: from 0 to 40 kW. Flexonic belts can work on pulleys Poly V® Made in accordance with the norm ISO 9982.

Mostly used for two belt drives and multiple serpentine drives.

Technical data

Flexonic® PHFlexonic® PJFlexonic® PK
Thickness2.3 mm / 2.5 mm3.2 mm / 3.3 mm /3.5 mm4.7 mm
Min. Pulley diameter8 mm16 mm45 mm
Max. Linear rotate80 m/s60 m/s55 m/s
Linear mass0.0042 kg/m/ rib0.008 kg/m/rib0.020 kg/m/rib
Set tension20 to 30 N/rib/ range30 to 50 N/rib/ range70 to 90 N/rib/ range

ConveyXonic – Special multi-ribbed belts for roller conveyors

Basic advantages:

  • Saving 30% cost
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Lower magazine costs
  • Lower exploitation costs
  • Simple operation
  • Standard universal product
  • Semi-automatic or automatic assembly
  • International availability of the product range
  • Durability and cleanliness of the system
  • Reliable technology
  • Guaranteed efficiency and return cost of investment

Cost saving

  • EngineSpecial technical characteristics of the tape ConveyXonic allow to move 20 rolls  using olny one engine. Consequently we save at least 30% of the cost on the module.


  • Energy – product effectiveness ConveyXonic lowers the consumption of engine current
  • Storage– for storage we have only one drive element
  • Eksploatation – no unexpected expenditure:lubricants, corrosion, pre-tensioning.

Technical implementation

  • Faster and more consistent transport of loads(4m/s)
  • As a result of higher torque transfer(4 times bigger than round belts), product ConveyXonic transports very heavy loads
  • The only one technology available to transport loads from 1 to 1200 kg

Wykonanie techniczne

Simple operation

  • Semi-automatic or automatic assembly
  • International availability of the product range
  • ConveyXonic belt with 2,3,4 or 5 ribs fits to standard rolls regardless of the weight being transported

ConveyXonic belt series

Distance between axes of rollersTolerance between axes2 ribs3 ribs4 ribs5 ribs
[inch][mm][mm]1-50 kg51-300 kg301-500 kg501-700 kg
2,460+3,00 / -0,00PJ 256PJ 256PJ 256PJ 256
2,970+3,00 / -0,00PJ 282PJ 282PJ 282PJ 282
3,075+3,00 / -0,00PJ 286PJ 286PJ 286PJ 286
3,794+3,00 / -0,00PJ 316PJ 316PJ 316PJ 316
4,0100+3,00 / -0,00PJ 336PJ 336PJ 336PJ 336
4,3105+4,00 / -0,00PJ 346PJ 346PJ 346PJ 346
4,7120+3,00 / -0,00PJ 376PJ 376PJ 376PJ 376
5,2133+3,00 / -1,00PJ 416PJ 416PJ 416PJ 416
6,3160+4,00 / -2,00PJ 456PJ 456PJ 456PJ 456

Trust of Customers

  •  ConveyXonic belts are durable and do not require special maintenance
  • Flexible properties of ConveyXonic do not let it fall out of the groove bacause of the beats and vibration are suppressed, the noise is minimized as well.
  • The belts make it possible to operate the conveyor rollers in a 24-hour cycle 7 days per a week